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Amrutha Aromatics : Experience Pure Bliss with Premium Incenses for Every Occasion

Amrutha Aromatics manufactures Agarbatti, incense sticks, Dhoop sticks etc which are of the highest quality. Established in 1991 is a premier manufacturer of high quality incense sticks, with a vision to be known as “ the ”company in terms of quality perfumery products. They are one of the few remaining companies who develop their perfumes, in house. Armed with an array of extraordinary fragrances they intend to take our customers on a journey to “Discover the world of fragrance”.


Discover the enchanting fragrances of Amrutha Aromatics. Our premium incense sticks are expertly crafted to fill your space with soothing and long-lasting aromas. Explore our diverse range of scents, each designed to create a serene and inviting atmosphere. Transform your environment with the art of fine incense-making from Amrutha Aromatics today. Welcome to Amrutha Aromatics, where the timeless tradition of incense-making meets modern craftsmanship. Our premium incense sticks are designed to enrich your surroundings with tranquility and elegance, creating a serene ambiance in any space. At Amrutha Aromatics, we are committed to quality and excellence. 


Enhance your environment with the luxurious fragrances of Amrutha Aromatics. Whether you’re setting the mood for meditation, creating a relaxing ambiance in your home, or simply enjoying a moment of tranquility, our premium incense sticks are the perfect choice for those who value quality and serenity. Discover the magic of Amrutha Aromatics and let our enchanting fragrances transform your space into a sanctuary of tranquility and peace. Our commitment to quality and excellence ensures that every incense stick provides a delightful aromatic experience.


Ready to enhance your aromatic experience? Explore our collection and find your new favorite scent today.



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