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Fragrances and scents are used in various cultures across the world for prayer and meditative activities. Various scents and unique fragrances provide an exhilarated feeling when used by people. Burning of incense is considered to give a soothing effect to both body and mind. With Scenting Secrets, customers can choose from an assortment of high quality fragrances offered by various perfumers. The ingredients used are pure and free of chemicals which provides a soothing appeal to the users. The incense sticks are mostly hand rolled by master craftswomen who carry the reputation of rolling quality incense over several years.


Home and car fragrances

Explore our home and car fragrances. We avoid the usage of harmful chemicals. All the products are kids friendly and safe for usage around infants.


Exclusive collection


Sugandh lok is one of the exclusive collections of Scenting Secrets. Sugandh Lok is a new luxury agarbathi brand from the house of Sarathi International. With a legacy of 75 years, Sugandh Lok Agarbathis are ethically made with high quality, Sarathi has been the choice of global connoisseurs in over 45 countries. To offer the Indian consumer even more value, Sarathi's Sugandh Lok offers agarbathies of the same globally preferred quality and purity from the source. Our website help you take home Sugandh Lok Products, which are manufactured in Sarathi's immaculate facilities in Bangalore.

Featured collection


Scenting Secrets offers you various fragrance collections from leading brands

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"Actually I had been to my friends home and there I got the fragance of scenting secrets incense stick. I have been using well known brands from long time but I felt this brand is something special. The good thing about scenting secrets is they make products from natural ingredients in affordable price" - Mr. Sameer Jandial


"This is the best and utimate incense stick which I have been using during my prayers. I personally feel that scenting secrets team have discovered a unique fragrance. There is some magic with the essence in this product. I would recommend products of scenting secrets. - Mr. Douglas Evert (Pastor St. Xavier Church)