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BIC Panchavati

Bharat Industrial Corporation (BIC)

Established in the year 1965 and One of India’s largest exporters of Incense and Dhoops sticks, their products are preferred by discerning customers in over 40 countries across the world.

Based in Bangalore (India) with a legacy spanning over 5 decades, they have zealously pursued innovation in Incense. A pioneer in the manufacture of Dhoop Sticks, today they produce the widest range of Incense and Dhoop Sticks, in a wide variety of fragrances, including the well known brand Panchavati.

Blending ancient expertise with modern techniques, BIC has perfected the art of making Incense for a variety of moods. And as the popularity of Incense grows everywhere, BIC is ideally positioned to become synonymous with Incense.


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