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Mysore Agarbatti and Perfumery Co

The history of The Mysore Agarbatti & Perfumery Co., dates back to more than 100 years when manufacture of Agarbatti started in 1881 by late Mr. Attar Syed Omer Saheb. His son late Alhaj Attar Syed Hussain started the Mysore Agarbatti Co. which had all the modern in house amenities to manufacture quality incense products. 

He was famous for herbal Masala Batties and supplied them to the then Maharaja of Mysore, and to the Maharajas of North India which possessed great honor and fame to the company winning Gold and Silver Medals and several other awards. Currently The Mysore Agarbatti & Perfumery Co. plays a vital role in preserving and promoting this cultural tradition, ensuring that it continues to be an essential element in the daily lives of many trusted customers.



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