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New Oriental Agarbatti Co.

The New Oriental Agarbatti Co. is a renowned and respected manufacturer of incense products based in India. With a rich history dating back more than 110 years, this company has earned a stellar reputation for producing high-quality incense sticks and various other aromatic products. 

While deeply rooted in India's incense tradition, the New Oriental Agarbatti Co. has expanded its reach globally. Its products are now available in numerous countries, introducing people around the world to the enchanting world of Indian incense. The company is known for its unique and captivating aromatic blends. What sets the New Oriental Agarbatti Co. apart is its insistence on using only the finest natural ingredients.

New Oriental Agarbatti Co. stands as a beacon of tradition, quality, and innovation in the world of incense production with the recent steps taken to adopt more sustainable and eco-friendly practices in their production.


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