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Afreen - Room freshener by VIji

Afreen - Room freshener by VIji

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Invigorate your home with Afreen, the premium room freshener by Viji. Its exotic, Arabian-inspired notes of amber, rose and sandalwood deliver a robust and pleasant scent to any room. Create an inviting home atmosphere and enjoy its refreshing fragrance.

Afreen is a unique fragrance from the Arabian collection from Viji. This fragrance blend is made from pure perfume and doesn't contain traces of harmful chemicals or alcohol.

Arabic incense has been used for centuries for its calming and soothing effects. The range of flavors and scents that come from Arabic incense is vast and diverse. These fragrances are the the very few of the many different Arabic incense flavors that are available. Whether you are looking for an energizing scent or something soothing to help you relax, there is sure to be an incense that appeals to you.

Net Contents :  300ml

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