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Prema Nature

Basil Bliss - Incense sticks by PremaNature

Basil Bliss - Incense sticks by PremaNature

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Basil Bliss contains Holy Basil or Tulsi essential oil, known for its stress relief, respiratory support and sense of spiritual well-being. It is used along with other supporting essential oils, resins and herbs. The combination is a very healing minty-herbal fragrance. The mix of pure charcoal with fragrant substances produces a very pure and soul-touching experience.

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– High-energy, made with theertham (consecrated water)
– Entirely natural: Made with essential oils, herbs, resins, wood powder and high-grade charcoal powder for a clean burn
– DPG oil free
– Low smoke and soothing, ideal for indoors
– Hand rolled, made by women

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