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Rajnigandha - Backflow Incense Cones by PureDay

Rajnigandha - Backflow Incense Cones by PureDay

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Rajnigandha / Tuberose is known to be used in aromatherapy for its ability to calm the nerves, restore peace and harmony

  • PureDay Backflow incense cones are Made from Havan Samagri & Fragrance Essential Oils
  • Havan Samagri is a mix of Herbal ingredients like plant roots, leaves, flower petals, spices. When burnt, the herbs releases anti bacterial & medicinal properties
  • Essential Oils has soft, sweet & relaxing aroma to transform your area into a peaceful heaven when diffused
  • Each pack contains 30 Backflow incense cones with a burning time of 25 – 30 minutes in a less windy conditions along with a free ceramic stand
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